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Girls’ Equipment

The various girls’ leagues provide gameday uniforms which may be theirs to keep. The uniform is required for all games a player participates in. Each player must provide their equipment that includes: lacrosse eye protection and a mouthpiece. Gloves are recommended, but not required.
The league provides game day uniforms to each registered player (U-9 through U-15), which is theirs to keep. The uniform is required for all games for a player to participate. Each player must provide their own equipment that includes: Lacrosse eye protection/goggles and mouthpiece. Women’s gloves are recommended, but not required.
Goggles are often taken for granted, but a good pair can make the game more enjoyable. In the past couple of years the masks have become lighter and less bulky. Also, the vision has improved as they now have better wire positioning.
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Lacrosse heads are one of the most varied pieces of equipment. A good women’s lacrosse head can make a huge difference in a player’s game. A female beginner can handle a higher-end head. Higher-end heads allow women to have more of a pocket which makes it easier to catch. The higher-end heads also have a […]

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