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Tips for Defensemen to set you on your way to on-field success.

How is your defensive game? Do attackers with quick feet blow by you? Are you losing time on the field because you just can not seem to be effective enough in the back? Defense is tremendously hard. It seems like in any sport you play, whether it’s lacrosse or not, playing defense is a grind.
Make feed passes hard. No rainbow balls or hospital passes, please.
Always move to meet every pass, and circle away from your defenseman.
Never make a pass to a man who is covered just to get rid of the ball. In lacrosse, passing the ball to a covered player can be a costly mistake that can result in a turnover or a missed opportunity. When a player is covered, it means that they are being closely guarded by […]
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Don’t rush an attack man after he has caught the ball. If he is receiving a rather long pass and you are sure you can reach him before the ball, go after him, checking his stick and hitting him with your body.
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As a pass is made to the man you are playing, move out to cover him as the ball is moving to him, so that you are in position as he catches it. Don’t wait until he has caught the ball, and then move out on him.

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