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Team Concepts

Lacrosse is one of the most exciting team sports there is. Many people refer to it as the “fastest game on two feet”. Others consider it America’s true pastime, with roots older than the country itself. The goal of any coach should be to allow his players to have fun and grow as athletes and individuals. Should they accomplish this rather simple goal, there is no doubt that they will have great opportunities in life, all the while creating lasting friendships and awesome memories along the way.

Zone defense in lacrosse is a defensive strategy where defenders cover specific areas of the field rather than individual offensive players. To beat a zone defense in lacrosse, you need to be able to move the ball quickly and accurately to create scoring opportunities.
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When it gets down to the last minute and an ill-advised shot goes without backup, call out your wheels for a 10-man ride. The 10-man ride is an aggressive scheme meant to trap an opponent in its own end and create a turnover. It requires using your goalie as the 10th rider, opening the cage […]
If this concept of this finding space is to move to the next level, players must now formally execute it as they run their offense. We introduced the concept of motion offense at Adelphi University to teach the concept of finding space to our players (Lacrosse Magazine, February 1986). Richie Speckman, one of the most […]
This is the basic tenet of defense whenever the other team has the ball. So many times our players play adjacent to or in front of the man they are covering. Other times they are just plain out of position. The most basic fundamental of defense is that they should be positioned between the man […]
You have now succeeded in teaching your youth players the fundamentals and basic skills of lacrosse. You can only marvel at your players’ ability to switch hands, roll dodge, and pass and catch with both hands with proficiency. Thanks to Gary Gait, some of your players can now pass behind their backs, and with Casey […]
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Just like defense, it is our philosophy that intermediate players can learn how to play offense through transitional situations. Even in six-on-six situations, the job of the offensive players is to make it a transitional situation. The ball carrier tries to dodge to draw a slide, which turns it into a six-on-five situation.

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