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As your lacrosse coaches and mentors, we continue to apply the lessons learned from our experience over the years: in youth lacrosse in established and competitive programs, through high school and the recruiting process, and in college. Check out some of these drills for inspiration:

Reflecting on my journey as a coach, I’ve compiled a list of invaluable insights that I wish I could share with my younger self. These ten lessons represent a culmination of experiences, failures, and triumphs, each offering a profound wisdom that has shaped my approach to coaching and life itself.
The qualities that delineate a remarkable leader are multifaceted. What distinguishes ordinary leadership from greatness?
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I find the multi-day tryout to be a challenging endeavor. As a youth coach, I’ve perceived tryouts as a necessary step to establish our ‘A’ and ‘B’ teams, albeit a process that can feel somewhat political, aimed at affording every child an opportunity. However, my experience has shown that the majority of the roster tends […]
While it is important to approach discussions about people’s skills and abilities with sensitivity, I can provide a general list of negative traits that may apply to a poor lacrosse player. It’s worth noting that these traits can be improved with practice, dedication, and coaching:
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Maintain unwavering loyalty to your head coach, colleagues, and institution. If you are discontented with your current position, approach the head coach to explore alternative opportunities rather than becoming a hindrance to the program. Please recognize that the head coach plays a pivotal role in providing future job recommendations, and it is essential to acknowledge […]
We all receive those intriguing emails that make us ponder the mysteries of life. One day, I received an email that got me thinking about the human brain, thoughts, and mental health. It raised questions about why individuals with mental health issues often experience negative thoughts and why overthinking is frequently linked to negativity. It’s […]

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