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You, the parent, are equally as important to your child’s positive lacrosse experience as the coach of the team. The job of the parent of an athletic child is a tough one, and it takes a lot of effort to do it well. It is worth all the effort when you hear your child say:

My parents really helped me, I was lucky in this. ~ Your Child
Youth sports, like lacrosse, provide valuable opportunities for children to develop physical skills, teamwork, and discipline. However, parental involvement in youth lacrosse can greatly impact a child’s sports experience and development. In this article, we’ll delve into the pros and cons of parental involvement in youth lacrosse, drawing insights from experts in child development, sports […]
As high school lacrosse players gear up for the upcoming season, one crucial aspect often overlooked is the role of nutrition in optimizing performance. A well-balanced diet not only enhances endurance but also contributes to strength and overall athletic success. In this blog post, we will delve into the significance of nutrition during the lacrosse […]
We all receive those intriguing emails that make us ponder the mysteries of life. One day, I received an email that got me thinking about the human brain, thoughts, and mental health. It raised questions about why individuals with mental health issues often experience negative thoughts and why overthinking is frequently linked to negativity. It’s […]
Only one team wins the Super Bowl. For each player on the Kansas City Chiefs going to Disney World after the game, there is a player on the Eagles going home disappointed without the joy of victory. It’s a lot like life. Sometimes we win, and sometimes we lose. Sometimes we win the account, the […]
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We hope to lend our experience and knowledge of college lacrosse, the admissions process, and the recruiting process to all members of our lacrosse community. Our ultimate hope is to see as many of our boys and girls players as possible achieving their goals of playing lacrosse at the next level.
US Lacrosse establishes eligibility guidelines in order to promote the game of lacrosse among the youth of America in a safe and sportsmanlike environment. To best achieve this goal, US Lacrosse believes that leagues, associations, and other organizers of youth lacrosse should seek to provide playing opportunities that, as much as possible, establish a “level […]

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