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Girls Equipment Required

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The league provides game day uniforms to each registered player (U-9 through U-15), which is theirs to keep. The uniform is required for all games for a player to participate. Each player must provide their own equipment that includes: Lacrosse eye protection/goggles and mouthpiece. Women’s gloves are recommended, but not required.

The Game

Women’s lacrosse is a non-contact game played by 12 players: a goalkeeper, six defenders, five attackers. The object of the game is to shoot the ball into the opponent’s goal. The team scoring the most goals wins.

Required Equipment for Boys' & Mens' Lacrosse

To Start

Women’s lacrosse begins with a draw. The ball is placed between two horizontally held crosses (sticks) at the center of the field. At the sound of the whistle, the ball is flung into the air as the crosses are pulled up and away.

Length of Game

Collegiate Game
60 minute in two 30 minute halves
High School Game
50 minute in two 25 minute halves

The Play

  • Field players may pass, catch or run with the ball in their crosses. A player may gain possession of the ball by dislodging it from an opponent’s crosse in an attempt to knock the ball free. A player may not protect the ball in her crosse by cradling so close to her body or face so as to make a legal, safe check impossible for the opponent.
  • All legal checks must be directed away from a seven-inch sphere or “bubble” around the head of the player. No player is allowed to touch the ball with her hands except the goalkeeper when she is within the goal circle. A change of possession may occur if a player gains a distinct advantage by playing the ball off her body.
  • When a whistle blows, all players must stop in place. when a ball is ruled out of play, the player closest to the ball gets possession when play is resumed. Loss of possession may occur if a player deliberately runs or throws the ball out of play.
  • Rough checks, and contact to the body with the crosse or body, are not allowed.

Women’s Lacrosse Field of Play

Women's Lacrosse Field of Play

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