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Goggles are often taken for granted, but a good pair can make the game more enjoyable. In the past couple of years the masks have become lighter and less bulky. Also, the vision has improved as they now have better wire positioning.

Women’s lacrosse goggles are essential for eye protection, but a balance needs to be achieved between protection, comfort, and visibility. Different models of the best women’s lacrosse goggles have different features, so it’s important to explore styles to ensure you find the right pair for your game. Here are a few examples below to help get you started on your goggle experience.

The Importance of Women’s Lacrosse Goggles – Why Do Women Lacrosse Players Wear Goggles?

Lacrosse goggles are an essential, and required, piece of equipment for women’s lacrosse players. Errant sticks and balls, missed passes, deflected shots, and inadvertent contact pose a real risk of injury to the eyes and face of lacrosse players. Finding the best women’s lacrosse goggles for you will go a long way towards reducing the chances of facial injury during game play.

Factors to Consider When Selecting Women’s Lacrosse Goggles

When choosing the best lacrosse goggles for your lacrosse experience, you’ll want to take into account a few factors. Younger players will require a more protective style due to their age and relative inexperience, while advanced players should assess weight, cage construction, and the overall form-fitting feel of their women’s lacrosse goggles.

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