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Girls Stick Specification Guide

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Lacrosse heads are one of the most varied pieces of equipment. A good women’s lacrosse head can make a huge difference in a player’s game. A female beginner can handle a higher-end head. Higher-end heads allow women to have more of a pocket which makes it easier to catch. The higher-end heads also have a better scoop, which makes picking up ground balls easier.


The same equipment is used for women playing attack or defense. Goalie equipment is position specific.

Attack or Defense Stick Goalie Stick


Lacrosse shafts come in a variety of colors, shapes and textures. Like most high-end sports equipment, you are paying more for higher strength and/or less weight. Shafts are made from either a metal or a composite material. Since the women’s game has less contact than the men’s game, the strength of the shaft is often less important. Usually the weight, grip and texture are more important to the player.

Women's Lacrosse Shaft


Players use a 30-31.5″ length shaft. goalies generally use a men’s attack length shaft.


7/8″ – 1″ in diameter

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