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Assistant Lacrosse Coach Checklist

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Maintain unwavering loyalty to your head coach, colleagues, and institution. If you are discontented with your current position, approach the head coach to explore alternative opportunities rather than becoming a hindrance to the program. Please recognize that the head coach plays a pivotal role in providing future job recommendations, and it is essential to acknowledge your alignment with the staff team. Consider your role as an assistant akin to an internship under the guidance of the head coach.

Acquire a comprehensive knowledge of lacrosse, consistently enhancing your understanding of all facets. Take the initiative to study areas outside your current responsibilities that may become pertinent in the future.

Become adept at imparting your knowledge of the game to athletes, as mastery in coaching extends to effective teaching. Analyze the methods employed by accomplished coaches in educating their athletes and seek to emulate their approaches.

Facilitate effective communication with coaching staff, athletes, administrators, recruits, parents, and fans. Actively listen during conversations, maintaining eye contact to convey your engagement and commitment to the dialogue.

Exhibit professionalism in all aspects, including attire in the office, gym, and during travel, recruiting, and scouting activities. Be mindful of your appearance in public, understanding that you are a representative of your institution. First impressions matter, so pay attention to your posture, body language, and facial expressions.

Cultivate positive relationships with athletes’ parents, department support staff, officials, fellow coaches, and the media. Establishing strong connections with high school and club coaches during recruiting endeavors is crucial for maintaining a positive reputation, even if you transition to different schools or roles.

Participate in summer coaching programs, such as high-performance initiatives or those involving youth and junior national teams. Attend coaching clinics and conventions to expand your knowledge and network within the field continually.

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