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The Athletes’ Creed

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The Athletes’ Creed was created by those who play for the love of the game. It is a set of principles written by sports leaders and everyday athletes from across the country. It’s a proclamation of what the game stands for and how to be a better athlete, teammate, and opponent. Its mission is to inspire athletes everywhere to reclaim the enjoyment of sports and the spirit of clean competition.

Pledge to Play with Respect for the Game

  • Play the game with respect; respect for those who played before you, those who play with you, and those who will play after you – Greg S., Baseball
  • Shake hands after every game – because if it wasn’t for your competition, you wouldn’t have been able to play the game – Elizabeth C., Lacrosse
  • Once you stop loving the game, the game will stop loving you – James Parker, Director of Sports, Amateur Athletic Union

Pledge to Play with Honor for our Team

  • The true mark of being the best player on the team is letting others feel like THEY are the best players on the team – Chip Z., All Sports
  • To win alone, we’ve all been shown, is only an illusion. Trust in your team – Brandon F., Lacrosse

Pledge to Play with Respect for our Coaches & Officials

  • Listen to your coaches- the more you can take away from them the better your success will be in the future – Brad B., Football & Basketball
  • Respect officials and their decisions; understand that officials sometimes make mistakes, just like you – Steve Stenersen, US Lacrosse
  • Respect your coach. You will never agree with all their decisions but understand their level of commitment to you and your teammates and the unselfishness of their time – Mike Millay, ESPN Wide World of Sports

Pledge to Play with Heart

  • Never walk on the field expecting to win; walk on expecting to work your hardest – Virginia K., Lacrosse
  • Determination to do your best, dedication to your sport, your teammates, and your fellow competitors, and devotion to being true to yourself – Erik A., Triathlons, Running, Rugby, Cycling
  • The joy of competing can be just as satisfying as the joy of winning – Skip Bayless, ESPN

Pledge to Play Right On & Off the Field

  • Carry yourself with grace, respect, and spirit on the field and you will win off it – Gail S., Sports Publicist
  • We must show others why we love to play, we must know the rules and obey, we must live our lives and never sacrifice morals to win a game – Jennifer W., Volleyball
  • Learn how to win and lose graciously when you’re young and the stakes aren’t nearly as high – it will be significantly easier to do so in the real world, which is full of wins and losses – Claire Powell, Champion Athletic wear

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