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The goals of a program for beginners are simple. All of the drills and games are meant to keep things flowing in practice and to ensure that the kids are having fun while learning to play. Also, there is a tremendous amount of stick work with an emphasis on multiple repetitions in all the practices.

Everything in a beginner-training program exists with the following goals in mind:

  1. Teach beginners to catch, throw, scoop, and cradle adequately
  2. Teach beginners general team concepts such as staying spread out, creating passing lanes, and moving the ball quickly
  3. Show beginners that lacrosse is a fun sport that becomes increasingly more fun as your fundamental skills improve

These goals were made simple to make sure that coaches do not get too far ahead of the players, and instead concentrate on what matters. Trying to set up plays or complicated drills is counterproductive. The concepts, drills, and games that are discussed in this section are the most important to beginning lacrosse players. If you stick to this game plan, your team will be successful because their fundamentals will be far superior to other beginner youth teams. You will also be building a solid foundation of skills for your players to improve upon. Lacrosse is a highly skilled and complicated game.

Keep things simple for beginners

Keep things simple for beginners so they do not become intimidated and they have fun going to play lacrosse every day. Encourage them to take what you teach into practice and work on these things at home. Help them realize that you have to keep your stick in your hand every day if you want to become a good lacrosse player. Here are some examples of drills and games that are great for beginners and even intermediate players.

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