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Parent Code of Conduct

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Our leagues adhere to the code of conduct for players, coaches, and parents provided by USA Lacrosse and Positive Coaching Alliance. All coaches and youth players (boys & girls) are required to become members of USA Lacrosse. High school players are not required but are encouraged to become members.

Honor the Game

All players and coaches will adhere to the Positive Coaching Alliance ( and will, at all times, Honor the Game and respect:

  • the game, by playing hard and refusing to bend the rules to win;
  • their opponents, by playing “fierce and friendly”;
  • the officials, by showing respect even when we disagree;
  • our teammates, by being committed to them on and off the field;
  • our self, by holding ourselves to a high standard even when others do not;

USA Lacrosse and 757 Lacrosse believe that all players, coaches, and parents need to realize that honoring the game perspective needs to replace the common win-at-all-cost perspective common in many sports. If a coach and his/her team have to dishonor the game to win, what is this victory really worth, and what message does this send to our young athletes? (from USA Lax coaches’ education program).

Respect the Game…

Code of Conduct – Parents
All parents are encouraged to cheer for their children, their teammates, and their opponents. Remember, at all levels of our leagues our participants are young players, many of whom have just started to play the sport we all love. Keep your cheering positive, both towards your own son/daughter and to their opponent.

A final note about Referees
Our leagues remind all to not “ride the refs” during games. Keep your comments as positive as possible. Remember, for the U-9, U-11, & U-13 level games the refs are mostly high school players who are doing their best. Any extreme verbal abuse of referees is prohibited and may result in a penalty or an ejection (player, coach, or parent). If a coach is ejected for unsportsmanlike conduct during a game, they may be required to referee the game prior to their next scheduled game.

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