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How to Become a Referee

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Any adult or player who has entered high school is eligible to referee our youth-level games. All referees are provided extensive training via the Officials/Referees training program. Referees are compensated for their time but are responsible for providing their uniforms. All you have to do is contact any of the representatives listed on our contact page and just tell us you want to be involved.

Anyone interested in becoming a ref should contact our Chapter POC.

Level 1 training is provided for those working with the youth levels.
Level 2 training is also available for adults who will be working with the high school levels.

Officials’ Training Programs

Are you ready for the stripes? US Lacrosse offers comprehensive training for new and advancing men’s and women’s lacrosse officials in many locations throughout the country. Contact your District Governor, local US Lacrosse chapter, or to find out more about men’s lacrosse officials’ training in your area. If you want more information on becoming certified for women’s lacrosse in your area don’t hesitate to get in touch with your local board of the Women’s Division Official Council (WDOC).

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