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Lacrosse in the 2028 Olympics

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757 Lacrosse is delighted to extend heartfelt congratulations to all individuals whose unwavering dedication has contributed to the inclusion of lacrosse in the 2028 Olympics in Los Angeles. This monumental achievement has been the result of a collective effort where various stakeholders set aside personal biases and joined forces for the greater good.

The recent announcement, made on Monday, reverberated across the lacrosse community, fostering a sense of unity and optimism for a future marked by global participation. We at 757 Lacrosse wholeheartedly endorse the Haudenosaunee’s aspiration to partake in this historic event, acknowledging their pivotal role in introducing lacrosse to a worldwide audience.

Undoubtedly, collegiate lacrosse has played a pivotal role in propelling the sport’s popularity to new heights. It is our belief that many nations, including our own, will be represented primarily by athletes who have honed their skills at the collegiate level.

757 Lacrosse eagerly anticipates this momentous occasion, foreseeing it as a catalyst for fostering international camaraderie and contributing positively to the continued growth of our beloved sport.

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