Tips for Defensemen to set you on your way to on-field success.

Don’t Rush an Attackman

Don't rush an attack man after he has caught the ball. If he is receiving a rather long pass and you are sure you can reach him before the ball, go after him, checking his stick and hitting him with your body.

Anticipate the Pass

As a pass is made to the man you are playing, move out to cover him as the ball is moving to him, so that you are in position as he catches it. Don't wait until he has caught the ball, and then move out on him.

The First Move

Once the attack man has the ball, worry him plenty by poke checking, etc., don't give much chance to look over his field, make him worry about you. Don't force or rush him however. There is a big difference between worrying a man and forcing or rushing him. Make the attack make the first move.

Keep Your Stick Up

When not poking at the man with ball, keep your stick around the height of your attack man's shoulder. Don't ever carry it at your side, KEEP IT UP!

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